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Austin Dotson

Good Lawd!!!! Me LIKEY!!! Yumm!!

Anonymous asked:
Its kinda sad how u say ur gonna have a dwayne mckell fantasy and not post it

Its sad that you assume that I don’t have one. If I hadn’t started on it or wasn’t planning on starting or posting it I wouldn’t have mentioned it or made the picture for the post. The fantasy in question is at least 65% to 70% done. Sorry I haven’t had time to work on it. Having three jobs isn’t easy, but I’ll see what I can do about posting it.

Anonymous asked:
Can you do a Lil Herb fantásy please?!!!

Lil Herb?

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End Of The Line. (Revamped)

Everyone has their demons. Not everyone that dies are bad and they aren’t all good. Sometimes things just happen in life.

In this case, Naomi Matthews lets just say she put her trust into the wrong people. Prior to her death she endured harassment. From average Annie to the talk of the whole town she finds not only life, but her now tarnished dreams too much to handle.  

Life tosses you lemons all day long. You can either take those same lemons and make lemonade or take those exact lemons and make orange juice and make folks wonder how the hell you did it. 

"You killed me so I will make your life a living hell until the day you die."

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Anonymous asked:
When is the dwayne mckell imagine coming? Lmao I can't wait to read it 😊

Lmao when its really about half way done. I’ve been working on something that no one knows about. In fact this is the first I’m mentioning it. Due to me not updating CLHA and other fanfics on fanficsofbowcblover I got a new ff I’m working on…

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Please tell me that this is you randomcelebfantasies

Yes, this is me doll.

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Flizzy Files pt 7


couple years ago i was on one of those sites where u make a profile and you meet people and shit so i made mines few days later i see this badddd chick so i write her we talking for a couple mins shes like call me so i call her we talking for 10 mins and shes like so when u tryna come see me ? im…

crying! haha


Anonymous asked:
What fantasy Is that?

The one I’m working on is about Dwayne Mckell.

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Gonna try to finish the rest of the fantasy tonight. It’s about %45 done.

Just gotta write the actual sexual part and make le pic.

I am so slept on.

Anonymous asked:
Can you do a drake one please?

No promises boo. I only say that because I don’t find him attractive…*shrugs*

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