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Ima dog it

Come dog it baby…

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Neck roll tutorial taught by the old head… Make ya chin scratch ya shoulders 🐶🐶 #NeckRollGotEmLike


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New update for “Can’t Leave Him Alone” coming soon!

Its been entirely too long….

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Anonymous asked:
what happened to the wicked games fantasies???

I honestly have no idea doll.


U Got That Love | Gerald Levert

“That girl I’m callin’ in sick to work kinda love. That sweaty funky dope kinda love. That’s what you got, that call it a night kinda love. Ooh, girl I wanna slap your mama kinda love!” — Gerald Levert aka Teddy Bear

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Anonymous asked:
How many fantasies do you have in your inbox?

More than fifty. I just counted the ones that were sent via submission and got to 38 and there is at least a good 20 or 30 sent as a ask.

Anonymous asked:
Tell me some other fantasy pages?

Fantasies Written

I Write Sex Stories

Are the only ones with pages that I could find. (Don’t think they have updated in a while.)

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tiaraperenz asked:
I Wish I Can Request One But Your Request Box Is Closed

Yeah I have so many request in my inbox. I don’t know if I will be doing request again. I got to find my passion for erotic writing again.

findfanficshere asked:
Yassssss lord I'm here for that Dwayne fantasy but anyway just letting you know I love yo fantasies girl keep it up

Thank you doll I appreciate it greatly :D

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Random Story #13: Dance With Me.


"Whose party is this again?" I asked as we pulled up to a building that looked like a damn barn. Who the hell, better yet, why the hell have a party all the way in the middle of no damn where? "Bitch does it matter? Fine niggas are gonna be all up and through this motherfucka! Plus if I heard correctly your boo coming." My bestie Heather winked as she applied some EOS lip balm onto her lips.

She held it out offering me some which I gladly took to apply on my lips after I applied my red lip stain on my lips. Once we were set we pushed our purses under our seats and locked the doors before heading inside. The party is themed to be early 2000’s to late 90’s.

So I dug through some old clothes and found a jean mini skirt and my white v-neck with Bootylicious spray painted across my full C cup breast. I guess my shopaholic tendencies do come in handy.

I won’t lie I brought five of these shirts for no damn reason at all besides the fact it wasn’t my money I was spending. Music could be heard in the distance and you could feel the baseline shiver it’s way through the ground making it’s way to your chest. We made it inside easily and headed over to one if the many coolers for a drink.

Destiny’s Child Jumpin’ Jumpin’ SoSo Def Remix played heavily as most females twerked on a guy of their choosing. “Beau there he go by the stairs.” Heather hollered over the music. Following her eyes I spotted the man himself Dwayne McKell.

He just so happened to look up and a smirk came across his lips. Returning one I let my lips come in contact with the glass bottle of the wine cooler and took a refreshing sip. “He’s so damn fine!” I turned to her laughing in her ear. A few more hits played from back in the day giving me that nostalgic feeling including Lucy Pearl’s Dance Tonight.

They fucked up when 112’s Dance With Me began to play. Between the vodka flowing in my bloodstream or the pulls of that good bud I inhaled. I gave not one fuck and danced with damn near everybody. Before I knew it Dwayne and I were bumping and grinding doing some dances from back in the day.

I had the sudden urge to pee and danced my way outside; almost as if I was following him since he too danced out the door as well. “Hey D where is the bathroom?” I inquired he looked back at me and smiled and waved for me to follow him.

Doing so I saw this nigga jump over what looked like a little stream of water. I didn’t question it because I had to piss so bad. Even though I almost fell I caught my footing and stepped over a fence and hopped over another puddle.

Following him into a quaint diner that fit that farm style southern theme. I spotted the bathroom and quickly went to relieve myself. Once I wiped myself and washed my hands I hopped back over the puddle stepped over the fence and jumped back over the stream of water.

"All this to get to the motherfuckin bathroom is a goddamn shame." I muttered straightening out my clothes and huffed. "I thought the same too, but my nigga picky as hell about motherfuckas using his bathroom." A deep smooth baritone hit my ear drums causing me to look up to see Dwayne smirking at me.

"I see where he coming from, but still." I giggled taking his outreached hand. "You smoke?" He glanced over my body quickly letting the tip of his tongue trace his lips.

"Only that good shit." I smirked letting my eyes do the same.

His jeans were a little baggy, but his v-neck made his muscles look so defined it was a turn on besides the fact his face looks perfect for sitting. “Come on.” He smiled taking my hand and leading me to the back where there was a pool house. 

I won’t even lie I’m flipping out! Dwayne and I went to the same high school and we just so happen to go to the same college. I didn’t really blossom until I got to college, but I always has a crush on him.

"Ya boy not gon mind we in here?" I teased looking at the modernly simple decor; basic college boy room. I bet if I open his lap top pornhub will be open on the browser. "He’ll be alright." He chuckled digging through a few draws and pulled out a plastic bag and the swisher. He took one of the hard books on the desk and sat next to me.

"Roll it up?" I smirked and placed the book on my lap and took the island madness swisher and gutted it. Once that was empty I took the grinder and grinded the bud up. I felt his eyes on me as I sprinkled it inside then rolling it up occasionally licking the seal.

"Lighter." I requested pinching the ends closed then took it from him to seal the blunt closed completely. "Take the first hit." I passed it back. He took it with that sexy grin of his as he held the blunt between his lips.

He leaned forward so I could light it for him. His eyes stayed with mine as he puffed it. Smoke sexily leaked from his lips and nose. A tsunami started between my thighs making me squirm slightly.

"Here you go baby girl." He muttered holding it out.

I placed the blunt between my lips and showed out. Like him I kept my eyes with his as I inhaled slowly and let it out the same. My lips pouty  my eyes were hidden behind the steam of smoke dancing into the air. With the little bit of smoke left in me I blew o’s in his direction before letting it out my nose to breathe. “Damn…” I heard him utter causing me to giggle as I passed back the blunt.

"What?" I hummed glancing at him.

"That shit was sexy as hell. I always thought you were cute, but damn that shit makes you….man."

My expression made him chuckle. “What? I remember you back in high school. I’ll go back as far as middle school.” He grinned passing me back the blunt. Shyly hiding my face for a moment I inhaled the blunt before looking back at him. “Mhm what else do you know about me?” I probed taking another puff of the blunt and passed it back.

"Everybody calls you B or as you prefer Beau. And you think I’m sexy, haha."  I could only laugh and hide my face in embarrassment either he heard me talking about him or somebody told him.

"It’s alright though a nigga think you sexy too." He winked passing me back the blunt. "Mhm." I hummed inhaling smoothly. "Come here girl." He grabbed my hand and led me onto his lap.

Straddling his lap I took another pull and leaned closer so my lips close to his. Once I started blowing smoke he puckered his lips and inhaled the smoke. Gripping my ass in his hand a low moan escaped my lips while he sucked on the top of my breast.

His hands danced up my skirt hiking it up to my waist. Because I wore a thong the cool air hit my skin giving me a slight chill. Our lips connected and our tongues wrestled while he put out the blunt.

I could feel his length stretching and hardening under me. I grinded against him his bulge pressing against my tender lips caused me to moan again. “Get naked.” He ordered tugging at my thong; his finger brushed against my clit. I kept with my movements while taking my shirt off on the process. He had already unfastened the button to my skirt so I pulled that up and over my head as well. My body flourished in ecstasy as my movements progressed and my climax came closer. I felt his lips latch onto my right nipple as I drenched his skin. “Damn.” I moaned shaking slightly at the feeling coursing through my body. He licked his fingers and smirk at me; “Taste like peaches and cream.”

Once he gotten a condom and I applied it with my lips I hovered my center over his member only allowing the tip entrance. I began to grind along with some twerking moves as I slid down half way then rolled my hips back up. I managed to turn around so he could have a view of me clapping without the use of my hands.

"Shit girl!" I glanced back at him with quick bouncing motions of my ass.

His head back into the bed he gripped my hips and started thrusting upwards making more moans dance from my lips. “Mmm. Dwayne!” I gripped his legs putting a little more umph in my bouncing. Rolling with him deep inside more groans came from his lips until he tapped my thigh for me to get up.

I did so and got on all fours as he directed. His hands traveled up the side of my thighs down my ass to my inner thigh. I felt his tongue come in contact with my throbbing skin a short moan of anticipation left my lips. 

"Shit!" I breathed gripping the sheets.

His tongue barricaded deep inside of me. Like I could feel the tip of his tongue tickling my spine. “Oh shit!” I deepened the arch in my back and I could feel myself cuming yet again. Coating his lips and tongue he licked my sensitive skin and squeezed up my thighs.

I don’t know what and how he did this next move but I just remember my body being flipped over like a rollercoaster when it goes through the loop de loop.

"Beau I’ma take you to ecstasy and back baby girl."


Quite a bit some came knocking at the door, but Dwayne shut them down each time. I think it was mainly because I had him up against the wall and his eyes rolling to the back of his head and his toes curled tight. I had his member in a chokehold with my esophagus.

He loved every second of it.

I even did while leaning back so he could see the imprint of his dick in my throat. Slowly he moved in my mouth then I would speed up a little bit to the rhythm of Nice and Slow by Usher as it played in my mind; I even hummed the lyrics a little bit. Before I knew it he erupted in my mouth and I swallowed every drop.

I licked him clean before I stood to my feet with a slight grin on my face.

"Damn." he breathed trying to regain his composure.

I only giggled in response as I threw my clothes back on. I’m sure the party was over with a long time ago which means I’m out of a ride. Once he was dressed and headed back like I assumed the party was dead. Nobody was around.

"Well damn," he laughed with a lick of his lips. "Come on I’ll take you home." he took out his keys and we made our way to his black on black Charger. The ride seemed shorter and it was quite. Honestly I was in awe a little bit. Finally I got the nigga I’ve been craving for, but its only a one night stand. "That’s me right there." I pointed seeing the familiar apartment building.

Slowly he parked in front. 

"Thanks for the ride Wayne." I waited to hear him ask for my number but he only replied with a you’re welcome. A little disappointed I got out the car and walked around the back of the car to the sidewalk.

"Hey!" He called out. I turned around to see him standing with the drivers door open as he leaned on it. "You don’t think I’m letting you leave without getting your number. do you?" he smirked and I mirrored the action before making my way back to him. He handed me his phone and I saved my number before handing it back with a smile.

"Goodnight Dwayne." I gave a sultry grin and kissed the corner of his mouth and walked away with a extra sway of my hips. I heard him chuckle a goodnight. He waited until I was inside the building to pull off.

And to think I doubted the greatness the night could’ve had!

nowyalost asked:
Yessss to that fantasy cause Dwayne is 😍😍😍 I watch all his vines damn near everyday 😂😩😍 but of course you did not disappoint with that one

Yessss! He is baeeee! 😍😍😍! Is it me or does he look like Trey Songz a little bit? And thank you boo 😘

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Anonymous asked:
I'm sure people read the fantasy. There are tons of silent readers out there. You guys leave feedback please. Help the writer out. Lol. BTW, Who is dude and is he famous for besides a dick pic.

Yeah I know I’ve been MIA, but geeze lol I promised a fantasy and there it is normally I get at least one message. My readers leaving me 😔. Lol and Dwayne is a viner and know for his “thirst traps”. #KingOfThirstTrapping lol

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