Random question for my ladies...




If a guy came up to you randomly, he’s cute and everything is clean on him, on some real cool smooth shit like:

"Hey Mama I’m _____ and I saw you from over there an I said to myself ‘Goddamn! I gotta talk to her.’ I’ma be real. I ain’t looking…

Fellas don’t misunderstand this and get fucked up lol. She has to think you’re cute for this to work. Otherwise she’ll be on Tumblr an hour later like, “ugh I can’t believe this guy just walked up to me and said…… “

I don’t know why I’m just seeing this, but yes! Lol I mean if you ain’t all that good looking you might have to put in extra work and ya game has to be on point. Then again you know some females like ugly niggas…or you just caught her at a good time in her life.






Watch the gif for 30 seconds, then look at the picture! 


Fuck yeah!


that was unreal



It’s hot as hell

This man is just … 



Sex Me | R.Kelly


Do What It Do | Jamie Foxx


Midnight | Omarion


Fiening You | Omarion

Reblogging just because….

Ima dog it

Come dog it baby…

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Neck roll tutorial taught by the old head… Make ya chin scratch ya shoulders 🐶🐶 #NeckRollGotEmLike


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New update for “Can’t Leave Him Alone” coming soon!

Its been entirely too long….

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Anonymous asked:
what happened to the wicked games fantasies???

I honestly have no idea doll.


U Got That Love | Gerald Levert

“That girl I’m callin’ in sick to work kinda love. That sweaty funky dope kinda love. That’s what you got, that call it a night kinda love. Ooh, girl I wanna slap your mama kinda love!” — Gerald Levert aka Teddy Bear

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Anonymous asked:
How many fantasies do you have in your inbox?

More than fifty. I just counted the ones that were sent via submission and got to 38 and there is at least a good 20 or 30 sent as a ask.